Third time's a charm...

There is a good reason why...

  • I've been too sick/moody/ornery/tired to blog much lately
  • I've been too sick/moody/ornery/tired to do much of anything
  • Tums are a part of my daily diet
  • My running schedule has been placed on a temporary (about 9 months) hold
  • Even though I am still trying to be active, certain parts of my body are starting to strongly resemble Jiggly Puff
  • Oh, who are we kidding. I'm not trying to be active!
  • I can no longer stand eating red meat and the thought of going to my previously favorite lunchtime spot, Costa Vida, makes me queasy
  • I almost ate an entire bowl of onion cream cheese chip dip... without the chips
  • Mmmm... onion cream cheese chip dip...
  • I'm starting to pull out boxes of old clothes with brand labels like "Duo" and "Pea in the Pod"
  • If I am wearing my normal pants, chances are there's a rubber band where the button ought to be
  • We've been discussing bigger cars and bedroom changes
  • Gordon's been telling people, "I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!"

  • If you haven't guessed already, we are EXPECTING!

    That's right, people, there is going to be a third Hansen child in the world, most likely sometime in October. As mentioned, I've been feeling awful, but am otherwise healthy and doing well. I went to the doctor today and the McFetus seems to be acclimating well to its squishy world and looks right on target. Despite my complaining, which I was trying really hard not to do too much, we're really excited!

    We told the boys and Thomas was absolutely darling about it-- he was so excited and cheered and gave me a big hug. Gordon, while we don't think he really gets it, is very careful when he climbs on me, usually telling me that he'll be "gentelly". Thanks, buddy.

    Here's my first picture with the little invader...

    We'll find out the gender the first week of June, so I'll definitely hold a blog contest for that. Otherwise, I'll try to keep my pregnancy-related posts (see whining) to a minimum. Cheers to gestation. Ha ha!

    A Cool New Toy!

    This is the history of computers at the Hansen home:

    1997-- Elise's dad gives her a computer as a late graduation present. It works really well... for 1997.
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003-- We continue to use Elise's '97 Computer. It starts to work like a computer from 1997.
    2003-- The company Elise works for gives her a newer, faster computer!
    2005-- Elise no longer works for that company and has to give the newer, faster computer back. We buy a bottom-grade, refurbished Dell for $500. It works about as well as you can expect a bottom-grade, refurbished Dell to work.
    later in 2005-- The company Elise works for gives her a newer, faster computer (and a laptop)!
    2006-- The company Elise works for calls regarding her company-owned PC. The conversation goes something like this:

    IT Guy: "Do you still have that desktop?"
    Elise: "Yes, why?"
    IT Guy: "Well, we're deleting it from our records."
    Elise: "Why?"
    IT Guy: "It is too old to be useful to us anymore."
    Elise: "So what should I do with it?"
    IT Guy: "Whatever you want."

    2007-- Elise starts working for another company, gives back the other laptop and gets a new one. We use the old previously-company-owned PC as our home computer
    2008-- Elise goes part time, gives back the laptop
    later in 2008-- We decide we really need a nice, new computer that WE BUY OURSELVES.... sooooooo....

    Saturday, March 29th, 2008... We plugged in our brand new iMAC!! I am in LOVE, people. Love. It is so fast and fun and pretty... I feel smarter and cooler just using it. Ha ha! (But seriously.)

    I'm still working on learning all of the ins and outs of a Mac. While it's not difficult, there are a few differences between this and the PCs that I am used to, so I am definitely learning new things.

    One of the fun features of the iMac is a thing called "Photobooth". Caitlan, my sister who loves mall photo booths, would dig this feature. It's very fun. Here is a small sampling of the fun we've had so far...

    Ah, good times. Special thanks go to my wonderful hubs, Chris, for putting in some long and grueling hours on a freelance project so that he could buy this gift for us (me). He's a good 'un!!

    Happy 25th Ann-Michelle!!

    Today we celebrate the 1/4 century birthday of my sister, Ann-Michelle! When we were teenagers, if someone would have told me that one day I would consider Ann-M one of my dearest friends, I would have thought they were nuts. We used to fight like crazy, probably because we both have the famous red-haired tempers. But, now that we're "grown-ups", we get along really well and even enjoy hanging out together! Ann-Michelle is awesome at planning events, has a really cute style, and is a great mom to her four little munchkins. She's coming to visit tomorrow, so Chris and I will be able to wish her a Happy Birthday in person. YAY!


    Oceans 2

    I heard this about five minutes ago and it made me laugh:

    "GORDON! I had that guitar first! YOU ARE A THIEF!!"

    Nadine Watkins Evans

    Nadine Watkins Evans
    Nadine Watkins Evans 1923 ~ 2008 Nadine Watkins Evans died Sun., March 23, 2008 after a long illness. She was born in Hiawatha, Utah to George Reynold and Rhoda Evaline King Watkins on October 24, 1923. After Hiawatha, the family lived in Garland, Utah, Fairbanks, Alaska, and Salt Lake City. Mrs. Evans attended Douglas Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior High School, and graduated from East High School. She received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in education from the University of Utah. She taught grades four through seven in Salt Lake City and Cleveland, Ohio, schools. On December 21, 1945 she married Joseph Robbins Evans in the Salt Lake Temple. They lived in Salt Lake City for nearly three years then spent two years in Cleveland, Ohio, where Dr. Evans was serving a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. After three years back in Salt Lake, they left to spend time in San Antonio, Texas, Fort Riley, Kansas, and Germany while Dr. Evans was serving in the U.S. Army. In 1955 they returned to Salt Lake City. In 1993 Dr. and Mrs. Evans were called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They served for two years in the Fort Worth, Texas Mission from 1993 to 1995. Mrs. Evans was an excellent and dedicated mother to four children. She also spent many years actively engaged in church work and community affairs. Both she and her husband enjoyed travel and journeyed to many parts of the world. She was preceded in death by her husband, her parents and one brother, George E. Watkins. She is survived by three siblings, Reynold K. Watkins, Phyllis W. McGhie, and Richard C. Watkins; four children, Nancy Ann Evans Alston (David), Reynold Alan Evans (Vivian), George Kent Evans (ReNae), and Barbara Jo Evans Derksen (Timothy); 19 grandchildren; and four great-grand-children. The funeral will be held at 11 a.m. on March 28, 2008 at the Monument Park Fourteenth Ward Chapel, 2255 S. Wasatch Dr. Salt Lake City. Viewings will be held on March27, 2008 at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Chapel, 3401 S. Highland Dr. from 6-8 p.m. and at the Monument Park Fourteenth Ward Chapel one hour before the funeral.
    Published in the Deseret News from 3/26/2008 - 3/27/2008.

    The Long and Winding Road

    Sometimes when Gordon says words that have the "r" sound in them, he actually says "l". It's quite cute. Hence, the below picture is a "load made of cars."

    I had to post this picture for Becca. Remind you of anyone?

    Ahoy, me harties! It's a Pirate Party!

    The Sunday before last, while I was deeply engrossed in my weekly Sunday Nap, Chris and the boys watched "Peter Pan" downstairs, and Chris had a clever idea. A couple of sippy cups, broken hangers, blocks, the hot glue gun and a drill later, we had two genuine pirates on our hands (or hooks, I should say). These two pirates would win any pirate battle, as Light Sabers are sure to best steel in any match.


    Shiver me timbers!

    Making their best pirate faces...

    Chris was doing a funny dance at the bottom of the stairs and I took this picture... ah, he's a fun one. ;)


    Sometimes I wish I had a little tape recorder that automatically captured all of the funny things my kids say. They really are entertaining little things!

    Gordon has developed an obsession with having a completely clean bedroom before he can go to sleep. This is not a bad thing, except that he has a dual obsession with getting out every single toy he owns during his playtime. He's actually a pretty good helper, but unfortunately, still needs some adult supervision. The other night, while trying to get the boys cleaned up and ready to go for their 8:00 PM bedtime, I was doing my infamous "chop chop!" clapping to speed them along.

    "Mom," Thomas whined, "we can't pick up very fast because our hands are very tiny!"

    Yesterday, Thomas woke up in the best mood and bounced around the house singing, "Today's the last day! Today's the last day!"

    The last day of what? "Winter!"

    Sadly, this morning, to Thomas's complete and utter disappointment, there was a little bit of snow on the ground.

    "Will there still be snow in April?" he asked me.

    "I sure hope not!" I said, though you can't promise that in Logan. Boo.

    "Well," said Thomas, "I think we should move to Texas."

    A Gordon Burrito!

    Max Littlejohn Obit notice

    Max Littlejohn

    PRICE - Our loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle and dear friend, Max Littlejohn, passed away peacefully March 16, 2008 at Castleview Hospital following a courageous battle with black lung disease.

    He was born in Sunnyside on Oct. 11, 1918, the son of John and Bethia MacGregor Littlejohn. He married his sweetheart, Dorotha Leonard, April 4, 1937 at the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City.

    He was educated in Carbon County schools and graduated from Carbon High School.

    He proudly served his country during World War II and was a life member and charter member of the VFW and a member of the American Legion.

    Member of Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church.

    Honorary member Price Elks Lodge 1550.

    He retired from U.S. Fuel in Hiawatha after 45 years of dedicated service. He was a member of the United Mine Workers Union Local 6363.

    In his leisure time, he enjoyed tap dancing, performing in operettas, singing, dancing the polka, camping, fishing, traveling and a good bourbon and coke and he shared all this with his sweetheart for 69 years.

    He is survived by his daughters, Pat Colosimo, Price; Jone (Mike) Orphanakis, Salt Lake City; sister, Betty White, Grantsville; brother-in-law, Don Leonard, East Carbon; sister-in-law, Evelyn Littlejohn, Boulder, Colo.; and his extended and loved family at the Beehive Homes. Also survived by five granddaughters, Sidnee Krajnc, Kelli Nielsen, Patti O Niel, Stephanie Orphanakis and Michele Ward; and seven great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by his wife; parents; brothers and one sister; two great-grandsons; and son-in-law, Lou Colosimo.

    Funeral service Thursday, March 20, 11 a.m., Mitchell Funeral Home. Vigil service Wednesday evening, 7 p.m., Mitchell’s. Family will be at Mitchell’s Wednesday and Thursday one hour prior to services. Committal service, Price City Cemetery.


    Wally, Your Blog, Fantastic!!!!!  Roger, and I FOUND Our Cousin Sally Simmons Butler this last week, Through her note on your Blog.  He called me from Oklahoma to get me to check it out.    We lost Contact with each other in the early 50’s.  It is so Fantastic to once again be in contact.You have our Fondest, most grateful Thanks!     Max Reaveley

    Hiawatha Girls

    Hi Wally!
    14 March 2008
    Here is a tidbit of news, there are 6 of us Hiawatha girls all near the same age .
    We meet at least 3-4 times a year just to catch up. Today, Friday is our day.  
    We all went to school together at least to  the ninth grade.  Some of us were
    born in Hiawatha some Morhland and some migrated in from somewhere else.
    Virginia Gordon, Jensen.  Carol Prince. Sally Simmons, Butler.
    Elaine Hampshire, Jones. Joyce Yeates, Mathie. & Myrna Burgess,
    Harris, Wallace.

    We haven't forgotten...

    A long time ago (I think 1999 or early 2000), Chris had his 10 seconds of fame as part of a commercial for Zions Bank in Salt Lake City. The boys have recently dug up the old VHS tape and love watching it over and over again. I get a huge kick out of the very trustworthy, very YOUNG Chris and his sincere ending line.

    Now, wouldn't you trust this guy with your banking needs?! :)

    Google Picture Post!

    A while ago, Elena did this fun post that I have been meaning to copy. I've been quite sick this week and am just now feeling a little better, even though I still have to carry a box of kleenex around with me. I'm blaming the nursery at church, where I swear Gordon picks up every known disease and brings it home to share. We did keep him home this week in the hopes that we'll all get a chance to heal. I'm considering making him cary his own Purel around his neck.

    Anyhoo, today it was back to work for me, and even though I'm still sniffly, it was nice to give my blue snowflake jammies a break.

    So, on to the post! Here are the rules: You have to answer the questions with a Google image search. NO using your own pictures. Even on the picture of you. Let's see what happens.

    Favorite Color:

    I actually don't have a favorite color, I like so many of them. I actually can't think of a color I don't like in one context or another. But, lately I've been drawn to a lot of chocolate browns and orange. And black is a timeless (and slimming!) stand-by.

    Favorite Animal:

    Hammy. He's so funny and HE's A CARTOON!!! It's not that I don't like animals-- I do. In fact, Chris will tell you that I am constantly mentioning reasons why a dog would be a good thing for our family. I don't like cleaning up after messy animals, though, and I don't like smelly ones, or animals that scratch, bite, excessively sniff, lick, or make noise. So far, a cartoon animal seems to be my best bet.

    Side Note: Right now my kids are watching "Over the Hedge", and I have to say that Thomas Hayden Church has one of the most hilarious voices ever.

    Bad Habit:

    Biting my nails. Although, I have to say, right now they are looking awesome. See, some bad habits can be worked on!

    Favorite Food:

    Can you pick just one? Yeah, neither can I. But I'll tell you what sounds good right now: tempura vegetables, Cracker Jacks, and maybe some cornbread.

    Favorite Hobby:
    You know this one...

    Place I live:

    Favorite Song:

    My job:

    Favorite Author:

    I ♥ Elizabeth Berg!

    Favorite Dessert:
    Seriously, people, just one? Hardy har har... I've never been a one dessert kinda gal. I'll narrow it down to two:

    Creme Brulee

    Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

    YUM. The first person to get me one of these desserts wins!

    Picture of ME:
    This is Elise Konstantin-Hansen, circa 1893...

    I haven't tagged anyone in a good while, but my Mother hasn't blogged in a good while either, so this one's for her. Oh, and Caitlan, because she is a lover of all things Tag. You're it, ladies! This is a fun one, so if you feel inclined, consider yourself tagged!

    Audrey is SEVEN today!

    Hooray! Today is my sweet niece Audrey's 7th birthday! One of my favorite things about Audrey is her creativity. This little girl is going to be a famous author and/or illustrator someday-- her stories and illustrations are amazing, especially for someone so young! I love it when her mom shares some of the great art and books she creates. I know I often refer to my boys as geniuses (because they are), but Audrey is a down right prodigy! We love her spunky personality and her sweet smile. Happy Birthday, Audge!!

    Harry Vogrinic

    Harry Vogrinec

    Longtime Carbon County resident Harry W. Vogrinec turned 90 years old March 1. He celebrated the occasion with his family.
    Harry has two children, Jeff (Carolyn) Vogrinec and Terry (Marilyn) Vogrinec. He has four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

    Comments from Sally

    Hi Wally,
    Just read through (Or should I say cried through) the 'Hiawatha Blogger'.  Just no words to tell you how appreciated your preserving of Hiawatha memories is to me and to anyone, I'm sure, who ever lived in our beloved little coal town.  Thank you, thank you for all of your hard work.  I have a photo of the "tipple crew", taken probably in the 50's.  Anyway------ you, my dad, your dad, Mike O., Glenn D  and many others are in the photo.  I will bring it to the reunion.  It is wonderful---you all have coal dust on your faces.  I love it.  Thanks again, Wally.   
    Sally Butler --

    Gloria Hohrein

    Wally, Please let everyone know that my mother, Jennie Colosimo has moved to Colorado to live with me.  If anyone wants to get in touch with her they can do so at my email address.  Thanks, Gloria Hohrein

    Rex Fero

    Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries Rex V. Fero
    (July 20, 1921 - March 3, 2008)

    U.S. Veteran Rex V. Fero

    LAYTON – Rex V. Fero, 86, passed away Monday, March 3, 2008.

    He was born July 20, 1921 in Nekoosa, Wisconsin the son of Frank and Ruth Rainbach Fero.

    Rex married Margie Gentry on March 29, 1955 in Evanston, Wyoming.

    He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

    Rex was a boxer as a young man. He was an artist who was good at sketching on paper and was an excellent storyteller, who wrote stories for many people. He was on a bowling league with the seniors and enjoyed his guns for target practice. Rex was a fantastic comic and was kind to everyone he met.

    Surviving are his wife, two daughters, Cheri Jean (Carl) Shioji, Clinton; Peaches Pook, Clearwater, FL; a foster daughter, Deanna (Charles) Ross, Reno, NV; and one nephew, Chuck Castor, Rock Springs, WY.

    Preceded in death by his parents, infant son Jack, two sisters and one brother.

    Funeral services will be held Friday, March 7, 2008 at 2 p.m. at Lindquist’s Kaysville Mortuary, 400 North Main. Friends and family may call Friday from 1 to 1:45 p.m. at the mortuary.

    Interment, Kaysville City Cemetery.

    TV Anyone?

    Gordon took a 10 minute nap on the way home from Tom's school today, so it has been a tear-your-hair-out kind of day with him. Tom seems to follow Gord's attitude, and the two of them have been tormenting each other (and me!) all evening. It's finally late enough to put them in bed and I am exhausted. So, in addition to contemplating making a batch of brownies, I'm planning to spend the rest of my evening in front of the tube. Since that's where I'll be, I thought I'd share some TV stuff with you. :)

    I think when you are in high school, Saturday Night Live is the best show on TV. I remember nights staying up late to watch Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and thinking that nothing in the world could possibly be funnier than Tunces the Driving Cat. Then it seemed like SNL got really stupid and lame, and then all of the sudden, it's funny again. I am loving the cast right now, but what I love even more is watching it with Chris, who sometimes laughs so hard that he has to stand up in order to breathe. I love it. Some of the skits aren't that funny, but we haven't been disappointed with the "Digital Shorts". Here's the one that had Chris standing up, holding his stomach on Saturday night:

    Can someone please reassure me that the tight, high-waisted pants that so many American Idol girls are wearing, are just for 80's night and not coming into fashion? They are NOT flattering, and I cannot imagine even trying to squeeze my curvy hips into a pair. Ugh. Why am I watching AI again? I still don't know, and yet, here I am. Because I'm tired. Ugh again.

    Welcome to March

    As you can see, I decided to go with a mostly green theme for the blog. This is actually a decent (but prettier) representation of the color scheme in Logan right now. Everything is starting to melt (hooray!!), but I definitely wouldn't say that anything is bright green. The brown seems to work. So, look to April for a full blown Spring theme! Maybe I'll even do it in time for Easter weekend, though I'm not making any promises.

    So, what have we been up to lately? Well, we spent a lovely quiet weekend at home, during which I accomplished very little. I did manage to go grocery shopping by myself, which is always a difficult thing to schedule. I am not a big fan of the grocery store, but I braved the crowds and the snow (boo, but just a little), and went. My family is happy that we now have food in our house! Chris also took Thomas to his second-to-last basketball game and made a trip to the thrift store with a load of our donations. It always feels good to get rid of stuff.

    Also on Saturday, I made it official: we are definitely going to Panama for Spring Break! Not that I didn't think it was going to happen, but now that we've actually purchased our tickets, it seems a lot more real. We'll be meeting my grandparents in Bocas del Toro, islands off the Eastern coast of Panama. I'm excited for sunshine, ocean water, and the chance to use our snorkel gear again!

    The boys have been little sillies lately. I may have mentioned this before, but Thomas has been "in love" with the same little girl since kindergarten. I'm not sure what it is that he is so crazy about, but he is quite consistent. The other day, I found a note that he had written to her:

    To: Molly
    From: Thomas

    I love you and I want you to be my friend. I know I am a BOY! But please be my friend.

    Mark down Yes or No

    Say YES! Say Yes! SAY YES!!!

    And yes, he really did put three excalamation points after the last 'say yes'-- he takes after his mother.

    Today he brought home his school's little newspaper and Molly's picture and a quote were in one of the sections (What is your favorite word? Her answer "Molly!") Thomas said, "I am going to keep looking at this picture for a really, really long time. Maybe forever." Ah, (really) young love.

    Gordon is busy just being his little rambunctious self. Tonight while we were saying bedtime prayers, Gord was horsing around and ended up head-butting me. It hurt so bad! I yelped in pain and was apparently convincing enough to bring both boys to full-blown tears in concern for me. It was sad, but also sweet to know how much they care about me. Gordon was especially upset, maybe feeling a little remorse for causing the pain in the first place. Little stink bug! Afterward, Thomas prayed that my head would get better soon. And it has.

    Finally, on Sunday morning, the boys woke up at their usual hour, while Chris and I preferred to stay in bed for a while (blessed be 11:00 church!). Fortunately, the boys played very nicely together and were so excited to show us their little project when we got up. They are really into making different scenerios with their cars lately-- parking lots, traffic jams, really long and windy "choo-choo trains". This time, they sorted them by size, color, and other characteristics, then named their groups. Tom insisted that not only do I take a video of the occasion, but that it also be placed on the blog. Hilarious.

    This kind of activity denotes mathematical genius, right?

    Pete Peterson -son of LaVerne & Feno Peterson

    Peter M. Peterson
    Peter M. Peterson "Heart of Gold!" On Feb. 25, 2008, Pete passed away after an extended illness.Pete was born September 24, 1945 in Utah to Feno and LaVerne Peterson Beloved husband of Earlene for 37 years. Loving father of Kim (Dallas), Darrell, Merrilee (Roy), Swede (Kim), Randy (Ivette), Sandy (Travis), Steve, Sarah (Isaac). Loving grandfather to 37 grandchildren. Brother to Judie, Millie, ReNae (Dean), Janet, Pamela (Bruce), Kip (dec.) and Terry. Preceded in death by his parents and his brother. Pete had a contagious laugh and scary growls that will be dearly missed. He was the funniest man we know! A celebration of Pete's life will be Friday, Feb. 29th, 11:00 a.m. at Redwood Memorial Mortuary, 6500 S. Redwood Rd. A viewing will be held Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. at the mortuary and Friday from 10 - 11 a.m. prior to services.

    Hiawatha Breakfast 3 Mar 2008

    We had a good time at breakfast this morning (as usual). Paul Mecham brought some old pictures and we tried to identify all the people. (We were not to successful however.) There were eleven of us there today. Dean Petrulas, Mike Manosakis, Don Reaveley, Wally Baldwin, Archie McCarrie, Tom Neilson, Glen Davis, Jay Wilson, Mike Orphanakis, Tucker Lowe and Paul Mecham. ----

    If anyone has a picture of the old "swimming hole" up North Fork or one of the several "Tarzan Swings" in Hiawatha I sure would like to have a copy of it.