Halloween Party!

Thomas was invited to another Halloween party today-- this time with some of the kids in our ward. They had a blast! It was so fun to see all of the kids in their cute costumes. Tom wasn't the only Superman, but he was the only Superman with muscles. Pretty funny.

Thomas and Halle

Look at all the cute costumes!

Costume Cuteness

Are these the cutest Tigger and Superman in the world or what?! We went to a great Halloween party for the kids on Friday and they were so excited to dress up. I love the way Tom's costume has muscles and his slicked-back hair. He was thrilled! It's going to be a fun Halloween! Posted by Picasa

Licking the beaters

On Sunday, I made a chocolate cake and let the boys lick the cake batter off the beaters. I loved helping when I was a little kid and this is why! They just looked so please, I had to capture the moment.


A few weeks ago, Tom participated in a sticker chain letter thing-- he sent a pack of stickers to one person, the letter to some more... anyway, this week he received two packs of stickers in the mail. When we got the letters, he recognized his name on the envelopes and we had to sing the song from Blue's Clues, "You've just got a letter," which just thrilled him. The stickers were even more exciting. He shared with Chris, Gordon, and me, and put a bunch on himself as well. Now, as I walk through the house, I'm finding little "evidences" everywhere-- walls, doors, the bathroom-- cute little stickers all over. It's kind of cute-- nothing like Spider Man to make you smile when you round the corner!

I'm dreaming of a white...Halloween?

Last night, while watching the news from my trusty recliner, a live story from Logan alerted me to an occurance-- SNOW! Sure enough, I went outside and huge, gorgeous white flakes were falling from the night sky. Wait a minute-- it's October!! I guess that's Utah for you. Brrr...