Hypocrisy AZU Style

Is Mien Kamphf just words? The Anarchist Cookbook? The Hitman's Primer?These stories are obscene by any decent person's standards. Obscenity isn't protected speech. -- Rob Taylor

For once, a member of Absolute Zero says something somewhat truthful. Obscenity is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment. However, AZU is ignorant of what the word "obscene" is. Obscenity follows the Miller Test:


Miller test — The Miller test is the list of criteria used to determine whether particular material is obscene. The Supreme Court held in Miller v. California (1973) that the material is obscene if:
1. The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, which means arousing sexual desire.
2. The work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law.
3. The work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. Court battles often focus on this third prong of the test.

But Rob Taylor is just a Rush Limbaugh wannabe who doesn't know all the facts. His examples given were not "obscene," but may fall under different non-protected speech. But AZU has never been the kind of organization to give you the facts to begin with. Nor are they privy to their own "cause" when it involves people like Mark Lunsford:


(Comment Board for "Nothing Below an Anti"-- ironically with an obscene description of child rape written by a member of AZU):

Stitches 77 says:

"RSO's claim Mark Lunsford had CP on his computer yet there is no evidence to support that. They have a news article, and there's a statement that there was a LOT of adult pornography on his computer and a cp image that didn't even know if it had been accessed or not found in the recycle bin. he could have received it attached to some of the adult porn he downloaded, who knows? The point is that people look at what they are interested in. If I saw someone with a computer full of cp I would think they were interested in children wouldn't you? If they had a computer full of adult porn and one image of cp I would think they were interested in adults and somehow got an attachment."

Really? I know of a case where that happened and AZU attacked the guy en masse. Who said it was one picture anyways? The Citrus County article did not say "one case." I had spoken about their attachment to Lunsford in a previous post:


Stitches also claims "sex offenders can't be cured," yet John Walsh admitted to having a sexual addiction. In the same comment link above, stitch-cunt says:

"John Walsh has said he was sucessfully treated for a sex addiction... Naturally they fail to understand that it's not illegal to have an addiction to sex, it's not illegal to sleep around, it's not illegal to have sex with people who can consent nor is pornography illegal. John Walsh's behavior in NO WAY equates to criminal behavior..."

Again, stitch-cunt has no grasp on sexual addiction. Many sex addicts commit a variety of deviant acts, many of which are illegal. Plus, having an affair is a great betrayal of trust that can leave emotional scars lasting a lifetime for those who do not heal from it. blind hatred in one hand, blind loyalty in the other hand. It leaves little doubt as to AZU's true intentions.

Speaking of obscene language, resident airhead Tracy "WASP Ohio" Golden adds another dumb random comment. No doubts as to the minset of the average AZU troll there:

(message board to "Rickysmom says, 'It was just horrifying' ")

I have an urge to write some stories for theraputic reasons.Anyone interested in a torture murder story about a woman getting even with sex offenders?It is just words.

Yeah. Its "just words" of a depraved individual who poses a clear and present danger to society and who should be civilly commited, along with her alter-ego who has devoted his/her life to creating a phony me and build shrines to me on a daily basis. I have an urge to write, too. A blog about a group of degenerate cyber-bullies posing as child victim advocates. In the end, it truly is about victimization. AZU gets off on rape, torture, and murder. What better way to hide their sadism and psychopathy than under the guise of "child advocacy?"

Another "Golden" Moment

After another quiet few months, AZU Exposed has found another gem from AZU resident airhead Tracy Golden "WASP Ohio." On the subject of an Ohio teenager sending nude pics of herself to her teen boyfriend, Golden has this to say [courtesy of Tracy's "Mothers against Predators" yahoo group, complete with misspellings]:

"Dear Friend-

I'm sure everyone had heard in the news of teenagers taking nude pictures of themselves and sending it to other teens. This is starting to be a huge problem. Not only are these teens setting themselves up for embarrassment, but they are risking the chance of thier pictures getting on the internet and into the hands of pedophiles.

Not only are they risking becoming victims of child porn, they are also risking becoming sex offenders themselves.

Teens are now being charged with disseminating child pornography, and the reciepients of thier pictures are being threatened with child pornography charges also!

These are not just isolated cases...

My question to you is,
Should teens be charged as sex offenders for sending nude pictures of themselves?

I have already spoken with a Senator on this issue, and I am interested in creating a law that specifically deals with this.

Are these kids sexually deviant, or just stupid?

How much of a price should they have to pay for what they have done?

A few thoughts to ponder before you answer:

This law should have gender equality, meaning you cannot treat the boys any different than the girls.

There are victims with this crime!
1) the picture taker is making themselves a victim of child pornography (but is it illegal and punishable to make yourself a victim on purpose)
2) The person who gets the picture has been forced to view "porn" - if they wanted to or not. Could this cause the person to have any emotional damage?

Are these children sex offenders, or should they be charged with a non-sex crime?

What would you like to see done with this law?

Tracy Golden
Be Proactive, And Not Reactive !
Women Against Sexual Predators

First off, why is she at a loss for opinions on the subject, besides the fact she's dumber than a bag of rocks? I feel sorry for the senator who spoke with this bimbo. My responses:

1. Should teens be charged as sex offenders for sending nude pictures of themselves?
Response: NO. Do you need a shorter answer, Tracy?

2. I have already spoken with a Senator on this issue, and I am interested in creating a law that specifically deals with this.
Response: Do they take laws scribbled in dyslexic crayon? Seriously though, the thought of someone like HER writing a law should make people cringe.

3. the picture taker is making themselves a victim of child pornography (but is it illegal and punishable to make yourself a victim on purpose)
Response: Would she make that same argument if the scenario was slightly different, say, a teenage girl goes to a nightclub with a fake ID to sleep with an older guy? Tracy lacks the logic capacity to comprehend anything beyond the simplest tasks

4. The person who gets the picture has been forced to view "porn" - if they wanted to or not. Could this cause the person to have any emotional damage?
Response: Or not? Shit, by her own admission on her site, teens are the biggest consumers of porn. And how do you force someone to view a dirty picture? Wow. Hey Tracy, cell phones with text messaging have a nice feature called a "delete" button -- it allows you to remove messages you do not wish to keep, like an unwanted naked picture. Wow -- how convenient!

5. What would you like to see done with this law?
response: Abolish it. Why don't you just take the cell phone away from the irresponsible little brat or just get him/ her one of those featureless phones that only have phone and text only messages? Yes those phones still exist. Give me a break. Sooner or later YOUR brats will be teens, Tracy. Do YOU want them on a registry for sending naughty pics to their dates?

Give me a break. Is Predator Panic so damn bad that we have to give such deep thought to adding yet another case to my growing list of stupid RSO cases?


Come, ye thankful people...

Happy Thanksgiving! Chris had to work (grumble, grumble, grumble), so we had a very non-traditional day. Our big family meal was actually breakfast-- complete with yummy Belgian waffles with strawberries and cream, bacon, sausage, eggs and hot chocolate. We listened to Christmas music while eating, then watched a little bit of the Macy's parade. It was a lovely, relaxing morning.

After Chris went to work, I made a special dinner for the boys and me-- chicken! We're actually headed to my in-laws today for an actual Thanksgiving dinner (thank you to Gary and Marilyn for delaying your feast a couple of days so we could join you!). The boys requested their favorite chicken dish, so I made that and some yummy sides. I did venture out a little bit and made my neighbor's recipe for homemade rolls. They turned out marvelously, which was very exciting because I'm a little inexperienced and nervous when it comes to yeast. I decorated the table with Thanksgiving placemats and candles, and we drank our milk out of the fancy glasses. It was fun to see how careful and polite the boys tried to be for a special dinner. Neiler slept the whole time-- good little boy!

We also made a little paper turkey and wrote on his feathers things we are thankful for. Even though we each only had a few feathers, it was kind of amazing how huge our turkey became! It reminded me again how blessed we are and how important it is to remember to show gratitude in everyday life. We love our families and our friends, and we hope you know how grateful we are for your part in our lives! Thank you!

I should have taken some pictures of our Thanksgiving chicken dinner, but between cooking and setting up, I just didn't. However, there are a few pictures from last weekend I haven't shared yet:

Little Neilio has the cutest grumpy, bed-head face in the world! Aren't those big lips just kissable?

Chris's parents have a fantastic grandparent house. One of the features is a great backyard with a bunch of trees-- perfect shade in the summer, and perfect leaf-producing in the fall. There are few things my kids look forward to more than the prospect of jumping into a big pile of crunchy leaves. This year, Gramm left the leaves out for our boys to enjoy. They had a great time raking the leaves into a big pile, then jumping in, getting buried, and building a tunnel. So fun!

Are these two sweet, or what?

I can't believe that it's finally completely appropriate to listen to Christmas music all the time. Okay, so we started a teeny bit early...

Yesterday, we broke out some of our decorations and I started on the annual newsletter and music mix. It's such a fun time of year!

IMPORTANT: If you moved in the last year, or if you didn't receive a Christmas card from us last year but would like to this year, I NEED YOUR ADDRESS. Please send it to me at elisehansen1 at hotmail ASAP. Grazi.

A Perfect Day

It doesn't get much better than this for my cute husband: VIP tickets with his dad, rubbing shoulders with notable Utes, a buffet before the game, and a 48-24 win over BYU to bring the season to a perfect 12-0 record. Chris is a most loyal fan, and Saturday's game was the perfect reward! Look out, BCS, here come the Utes!

More from me tomorrow!!

What are you wearing?

On Sunday, the boys wore sweaters.

Little Neil is wearing his hair long these days!

I'm wearing Neil! (Thanks Kimber and her awesome company!!!)

And "Batman" is wearing some kick-A boots.

Hiawatha, Utah
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Coordinates: 39°29′3.61″N 111°00′47.05″W / 39.4843361, -111.0130694
Hiawatha is a ghost town, formerly a coal mining town in Carbon County, Utah, United States. The town is located at the base of Gentry Mountain, some 12 miles (19 km) southwest of Price. It used to be a vibrant mining town, with a population of above 1,500 in the 1940s. Coal was discovered here in 1909, a mine was built, a railroad was constructed, and the city was incorporated in 1911. Another nearby village called Blackhawk was merged with Hiawatha in 1915. Hiawatha was a company town; the United States Fuel Company, which owned the Hiawatha mine and had its headquarters here, essentially ran the town.[1] After the 1940s, production began to drop and people began to move away. The population fell from 439 in 1960 to 43 in 1990. The city was disincorporated on November 20, 1992.
On December 12, 1997 the permit for the Hiawatha Mines Complex was transferred from U.S. Fuel Company to Hiawatha Coal Company.[2] The company plans to recommence mining in the near future. In September 2006 the Carbon County commission approved the rezoning of three of Hiawatha's six sections as residential, at the request of the property owner ANR Inc.[3] It is estimated that around three or four families currently live in Hiawatha. Some homes have been remodeled, and further construction is ongoing.
It is the belief of some people that both Hiawatha Coal Co. and ANR Inc. are owned by the Latter Day Church of Christ's Davis County Cooperative Society.[4] This belief has been propagated by ex-members of the church. The officers of both companies deny this, and the issue is currently being litigated in the Utah court system.
Hiawatha was also notable for having a vibrant Greek immigrant community, particularly from the island of Crete, who lived in the town and worked in the local coal mines.


I remember a conversation with a coworker long ago where we discussed the fact that I say the word "seriously" way too much. I try not to sound like an idiot, but like a lot of people, I have a couple of words that I just can't seem to cut out of my conversational vocabulary. At least I'm not too bad with "like" and "ya know." My bad habit has rubbed off on the boys, because every other sentence from both Thomas and Gordon has a "seriously" in it. In the last two minutes, I heard this:

Thomas: "Mom, I can't find my other glove! SERIOUSLY!"

Gordon: "I want another snack! Seer-less-lee. I'm really seer-less. Seer-lesslee."

Seriously, this has got to stop.

Here are some non-serious, random pictures from this week...

Chris and the boys having a "candy trading session" with the Halloween leftovers. Fortunately, those once-full buckets are almost empty.

My mom brought Neil this adorable little red romper, just perfect for indoctrinating him into the Utah Ute way of life. As you can see, his dad is quite pleased with his progress.

Finally, here's our little poser. Gordon is such a fun and rambunctious kid, and I've been busy reading a book called "How to Behave, So Your Preschooler Will Too!" We've been having a great time with our discipline challenges this week-- even my mom, who raised six children of her own, said, "I'm not sure what to tell you!"

I did have a funny Gord experience today that helped my perspective a bit. Gordon and I went to the store this morning and he brought along his Luigi hat from Halloween, Lightening McQueen sunglasses, his blanket tied around his shoulders, and a green plastic light saber adorned with two of my hair clips. I nagged him in the car on the way to the store-- "You have to leave your blanket and the light saber in the car"-- but he refused to leave any part of his outfit behind. Tired of arguing, I finally agreed to let him come in as is. He marched through the store, light saber in ready position and a serious glare on his face, and didn't pass a single person who wasn't smiling at his costume. In fact, his appearance also caused a toddler to stop crying and stare, and a grumpy-looking old man to chuckle. I realized how petty and nagging I tend to get with Gordon, and how I focus too much negative attention on things that don't really matter. In truth, it didn't hurt anyone to let him go to the store dressed as "batman", but actually probably put smiles on faces that wouldn't have had them otherwise. And it certainly doesn't hurt to let Gordon use his vibrant imagination! So, the moral of the story: I need to relax and just let Gord be Gord.

Stitches suffers from "Static Cling"

Its a sad thing when you grow to hate a person or a group so much you join up and kiss the ass of their arch-nemesis just out of spite. But such as the case with Jeremy aka "Static," ex-staff member of SOSEN who just never really seemed to fit into the group, and like a jealous child angry at being snubbed, joins the mean girls club to exact revenge. Its one of those hindsight 20/20 things, you should have seen it coming. personally, watching them interact at the now defunct "Sex Offender Alliance" (a self-proclaimed "treatment" site run by an arrogant prick who believes in groveling before the likes of AZU). Ironically, Static asked me to record as much of that site as possible for him out of some small fear of being misquoted or something to that effect by the trolls. Files which has lain dormant for a number of months. Fortunately, I still have them. Reading these old files is like watching WWE's "Glamarella." All that flirting between two nasty trolls makes me want to puke. A few low-lights:

WARNING: Have barf-bags handy!

SOA "WelcomeStitches77" Apr. 19, 2008
Static: You make a worthy adversary
Stitches: Why do you believe I'm an adversary?

SOA "Ooooh The Irony!" May 3, 2008
Metanoid: I have been fairly impressed (so far) the way static and Stitches have been dealing with each other. Like any good bartender, though, I do have my big boy boots under the counter. Just in case!
Static: I hope they're VERY big boys- you don't wanna be around when Stitches gets her dander up... :)
Stitches: I'm not afraid of much in this world. But I'm not gonna take on Mets' big boy boots. I do have my limits you know. Woah! My dander? Why Static, it sounds like you're scared of me.

My personal favorite line, however, came from Metanoid: "F1, our goals SHOULD be similar to the AZ folks." Really? So our goal is to harass and intimidate and threaten people into getting what they want? Maybe its for the best SOA dissolved. Metanoid played with fire, and got burned by Absolute Zero, and by the time he realized his folly, the deed was done. Next time, learn to listen to people, Metanoid.

By the way, if you ever meet a certain cocky PO from Florida named DP1/PinkPanther/hopeso, be wary of her. In addition to supporting Absolute Zero United and quoting them as a reference (which is like quoting Mein Kampf for race relations), she offers this gem:

"And what a compliment to you and the regular posters here from the AZ folks. Stick around guys.....we may be on to something very special." The only thing "special" was the collapse of SOA. I discussed the SOA saga in a previous article (http://absolutezerounites.blogspot.com/2008/06/when-trolls-attack.html), but in this case, I wanted to point out this exchange between Jeremy Static and Marina Stitches77.

Fast forward to the here and now. After disappearing into the night, Jeremy comes back on the side of AZU. Aside from the usual flirting with the Queen of the Damned, he maskes the following cognitive distortion:


The best thing a RSO in these groups could do would be to leave and take care of his own problems first. THEN there may be a way to fix some of the problems with SO policy. If you do these things in the reverse order, all you'll do is waste your time and not fix the problems which got you into this mess in the first place. This is dangerous, irresponsible, and pointless- even counter-productive. It's high time for these RSO's to come out of the "Land of Goshen" and enter the "Promised Land" of personal responsibility.

Come on, Linda- Let my people go...

Jeremy 11.02.08 - 1:03 am

Funny how under an article aptly named "Our Secret Goal," Jacey says the following:

"Recently a volunteer from Perverted-Justice was able to infiltrate SOSEN and was even promoted to being a staff member in their forums."

Later they brag of posting up a site showing STOLEN private messages and IPs. Ironically, Perverted-Justice sympathizer and suspected member Andrew Golden offers up this fact:


"Let’s even ignore the fact that the legislative intent of the CFAA was, quite simply, to criminalize hacking into servers to get information the server owners didn’t want a person to have; in fact, the vast majority of cases prosecuted under the CFAA involve exactly that."

Thanks for the factoid, PJer. No big coincidence that Static disappeared around the time PJ got all this private info PJ/AZ was never supposed to have. At the least, Jeremy looks VERY suspicious, suspicious enough to warrant a CFAA investigation on him. And honestly, to what end does it serve to publicly post IP and personal info on people who randomly enter a site to get advice or to read articles? None. Except to try to scare people or to give dangerous vigilantes like Brett Franklin of Sedalia, MO the means to make threats against people.

Seems like AZU suffers from far more than "Static Cling." It suffers from an impending FBI criminal investigation.


Inches, that is. Actually, if you count the very ends, it's closer to FIFTEEN inches of thick, red braid that Locks of Love will be receiving sometime in the next couple of days.

After more than three years of "growing it out", I was very ready for a change and decided to cut my hair. I had a full day of pampering-- in addition to my trip to the salon, I also had an hour long facial, courtesy of my cute friends, Christy and Holly. It was so relaxing and refreshing! My mom was visiting for a couple of days, so she had the joy of watching the little dudes while I had my girl's day out. Thanks, Mom!

So, here are the before and after pictures...

I am LOVING my new 'do-- less shampoo, less blow-drying time, less weight on my head... it's a good thing. Or, as our President Elect would say, "Change we need"!

This is the cliff or ledge above East Hiawatha. Does anyone know if it had a name. I asked the guys at breakfast last week and they all said it was just called--- "The Cliff or The Ledges" If anyone knows different please let me know.

This is a cliff above the R/R going to Wattis. Does anyone know if it had as official name? If you do either post it to this site or e-mail at Wallybaldw@AOL.com

This week...

Gordon decided that he really isn't too old to take naps. Just don't tell him that.

We voted and wore our stickers to prove it.

Then we stayed up really, really late (Chris out of employment obligation and me out of curiosity) to find out the results. I have to admit that I got a little teary listening to both McCain's and Obama's speeches. I thought that McCain conceded with grace and that Obama offered a very moving rally cry to our country. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

I took about 500 pictures of the three boys together. And got one good one.

I went to Soda Springs, ID for the first time to visit my dear friend, Becca, in person for the first time in... well, years and years. It was so much fun, so we definitely plan to visit Soda Springs again!

We ate yummy Japanese food with Grammuh Marilyn! The boys and I ♥ Kyoto!

Neil continued to work on his communication skills. Sadly, his baby acne has surfaced this week, earning him a new nickname: "AcNeil". Despite his skin problems, he's still a cute little turnip!

Quote of the week: "I screamed and hugged a man I didn't know." Spoken by Chris after Utah's game-winning touchdown in the last minute in Thursday's game against TCU.

E. Wayne Peak-- Obit

E. Wayne Peak
HIAWATHA/SAN JOSE, Calif. - E. Wayne Peak passed away July 22, 2008 at age 71 surrounded by family.
He graduated from Carbon High in 1957.
He was well respected and loved by all who knew him and will be dearly missed.
He was the loving husband of Ann; father of Carl, Danny and Sandy; papa of Alyssa, Nicole and Dina; father-in-law of Gus and Mary Kay; and brother of Jackie, Clydie and Bonnie. Preceded in death by parents, Jack and Claudine Peak; brother, James; and sister, Fay.
Please join our family in celebrating Wayne's life at Pioneer Park on Sept. 6 from 3 to 6 p.m. Cremation was in San Jose, Calif.

A little self-promotion...

Sweet Dreams is on sale today only for $2.00!!

All Hallow's Eve

We had a great Halloween. In fact, I think it was our best one yet! This has a lot to do with the fact that Chris was home for the whole day and helped with all of the details, making my day relaxed and easy. Last year, if you recall, I did all sorts of running around and ended up eating more than my share of candy just out of stress. I told Chris that I definitely don't want to spend another Halloween without him!

Thomas had a party at school, so Chris and I decided to take Gord and Neil to the Cache Valley Mall for some mid-day trick-or-treating. Ah, the mall. I think Halloween may easily be it's busiest day of the year, traffic wise. The people-watching was almost as fun as the treats! I was honestly tempted to take some pictures of some of the more interesting and laughable costumes (those were costumes, right?), but in the interest of being polite, I only got a few of our cute Gord collecting his hundred tootsie rolls.

His day was so fun and exciting that a nap on the kitchen table couldn't be avoided. And look how cute Chris is-- he dressed as a Ute fan. :)

Little Neilstus didn't have a costume, but he looked extra cute in his monkey shirt from Grammuh over his Halloween jammies. You may need to look closely at his shirt-- that is a monkey body. I sent a pix message to Caitlan of a similar image and she replied asking if it was lava spit-up on Neil's shirt. Ha ha! He's making the "I'm ready to sleep now" face, which is on par for 3PM when I took this picture.

After Thomas came home, it was time to get down to business. I made our traditional Halloween dinner of chili and scones (YUM!), which the boys were forced to eat-- we even had to call Grammuh to have her remind Gordon of the "no chili, no trick-or-treating" rule. I am currently the only one in our family who really loves chili, although Thomas is coming around. Despite this, Chris agrees that tradition is tradition, and we're going to keep having chili on Halloween night.

Finally, it was time to get into costume. The boys were really decked out-- we put extra black spray-in hair dye on their heads and took extra care with the mustaches and eyebrows. They were so excited! They even put a little music video together of the Mario Brothers Rap!

Chris took Thomas and Gordon around our neighborhood while Neil and I stayed home and passed out candy. It was so warm afterward that we all sat out on the front porch and chatted with our neighbors while the kids chased each other with plastic glow sticks in the yard. It was actually quite idyllic.

Once inside, the boys couldn't wait to unload their loot. They certainly did well for themselves this year!

Just to show you how much make-up and hair goo went into these simple costumes, here's Gord washing off:

After showers, jammies and six pieces of candy each, we all snuggled up and watched "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" together. It was the perfect way to end our perfectly wonderful Halloween!

Oh my goodness, I finished reading a BOOK!

I pride myself on being someone who is passionate about reading. There are very few things I love more than getting cozy with a good book. In fact, good novels tend to make me think in "novel speak" in my head-- I go around describing my life to myself in the third person, as if I were reading about what I am doing in a book. Is that really weird? Anyway, I love it when that happens because it means my brain is on and I'm being very observant about the little details in my life and maybe being a little bit introspective. It also means I've been reading something worth reading.

Then We Came to the End is a great book. I love that this was Joshua Ferris' first novel because hopefully that means there will be more from him. The book is written in the first person plural, so it isn't long before you feel yourself part of the "we". Having worked in a corporate environment for most of my professional life, I loved the funny and painfully true points he makes about rumors and gossip and information, and the way we feel about the people we spend most of our time with. The story is funny, tense, and very savvy, and I loved it.

{Warning for the discriminating readers among us: "we" (in the book) tend to use a bit of profanity.}

Maybe this means I'm back in my normal reading routine? Probably not, but at least I can finally move on to the next book!